May Provides Prime Fishing

Maine Trout Stream

May is a prime month for salmon and trout fishing.  Spawning smelts and suckers draw hungry fish from large lakes into rivers and streams to gorge on the first major influx of food of the season.  I catch more landlocked salmon in May than any other month.

Trout streams in my area also come into prime condition during the second half of May.  The Hendrickson’s and other mayflies can begin to hatch as early as May 10 and provide dry fly fishermen with some of their most memorable days of the season.

Trout and salmon fishing is generally more convenient  inMaine Brook Trout May than during other times of year.  Partly because fish tend to be most active during the warmest (middle) part of the day, so you don’t have to get up early, or fish till dark.  Fish are also widely distributed, so it’s realistic to drive logging roads and park your vehicle close to the spot you intend to fish.  This allows the opportunity to sometimes fish 3 or 4 different streams in a single day.   Maine Native BrookieTrout fishing in remote ponds is also outstanding in May, often with dry flies.

May is a busy time of year, and I am often in remote areas without phone service or internet.  So please be patient if it takes me a few days to return your call or email.



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