Private Casting Lesson

Maine Fly Casting LessonTaking a fly casting lesson is a lot like taking a golf or ski lesson. It isn’t absolutely necessary, but certainly can help to get you on the right track a lot faster than if you try to figure things out on your own.

A one-hour private casting lesson is $80. For beginners, I usually spend 15-minutes or so on the assembly of tackle and a few basic knots. Then, we move on to the basic pick-up and delivery of line, along with false casting and shooting line. A two-hour lesson is the optimum length and costs $150. This includes videotape analysis of your casting stroke, and exposure to the roll cast and double haul.

Experienced fly fishermen can also benefit from a casting lesson, Maine Fly Casting especially if you want to increase your casting distance, learn how to deal with wind, or begin to fish in salt water.

Casting lessons are fairly informal and usually scheduled on a spur-of-the-moment basis.  For more information, please complete the online information request form by clicking the button below.  Or just call, or send me an email, for more details.  A private lesson is a great way to improve your fly casting skills and usually a lot of fun !!

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