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A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine provides an overview of the fishing opportunities that are available in Maine. It is arranged into eight geographical regions and covers all of the state’s major fresh and saltwater fisheries. From striped bass along the south coast, to native brook trout in the North Woods, this book will provide both newcomers and veteran anglers with valuable information that will help you catch more fish.

The book is 154 pages and contains more than 150 photographs, including sixteen pages of photos in full color.  It provide lots of practical trip-planning information, which includes access points, and driving / hiking directions to fishing locations.

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A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine is an informative and highly entertaining book that was masterfully organized and meticulously researched. It promises to take its place among the most beloved books about the Maine outdoors.

V. Paul Reynolds,  President,  Maine Outdoor Publications

If you read only one fishing book this year, I’d recommend this one highly.

John Holyoke,  Outdoor Editor,  Bangor Daily News

If there ever was a fishing book about more than just catching fish, A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine, is it.  Seasoned anglers and rookie piscators alike can glean plenty of useful technical information, along with a good dose of entertainment, from  this book.

Nate Lindsay,  Editor,  Penobscot Times

There are many books on angling in Maine, but A Fisherman’s Guide To Maine is the best one I’ve seen.

Greg Fish, Bar Harbor Times

A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine, goes well beyond rod and reel to capture the essence of what I love most about our state.  It is fascinating in its rich details of local history and Maine’s natural beauty, and is a book I will come back to over and over.

Mary Tyler, University of Maine