Land for Future Maine FisheriesI’m kind of an idealist who came of age in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  I love the outdoors and believe that we are stewards of the land.  I think that every person should do their part to help protect the wild places we have in Maine, so future generations can enjoy them.

When my book was published in 2004, I created a non-profit conservation fund called the Land for Future Maine Fisheries Fund (LFMF).  For four years, half the royalties from all book sales, along with a significant annual contribution from Down East Publications, went into this fund.  LFMF took an active role on several fisheries-related conservation issues — the main one being opposition to Plum Creek Company’s mega-resort development proposed for the Moosehead Lake region.  In October 2008, Maine’s Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) approved Plum Creek’s proposal, pretty much in its entirety. I was shocked and very disappointed, but learned some valuable lessons.  The most important one being, my best opportunity to have an immediate impact, is to shift my focus to smaller, more local conservation projects.

The Maine Department of Inland FisherMaine IFWies conducts countless field studies throughout the state — and they are severely understaffed.  So lately, I’ve volunteered to help out on some remote streams surveys, and collect scale samples from landlocked salmon in lakes to determine age and growth rates.  I’ve also gotten involved with the Downeast Salmon Federation’s efforts to help restore viable runs of Atlantic salmon to some of their natal rivers in Washington County.

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“In the environmental movement, our victories are always provisional and our defeats permanent.”

Jose Lutzenberger, Brazillian Environmental Activist