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V. Paul ReynoldsA Fisherman’s Guide to Maine
V. Paul Reynolds

Kevin Tracewski, author of A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine, is a biology instructor at the University of Maine in Orono. An avid, lifelong fisherman, he has published articles in a number of outdoor magazines.

This book is not just for the fly fisherman. This book, as its title promises, covers all aspects of Maine fishing. It is masterfully organized and meticulously researched. The author spent seven years writing this book. It divides Maine up into eight geographical regions. Within each region, Tracewski walks you through the most significant fishing waters, the rich history, and includes a short line sketch and biography of a noted outdoor personality. For example, in the Penobscot River Drainage, my pal, Maine Guide, Wiggie Robinson is the featured outdoor personality. This section chronicles the logging history of the drainage and ties it in to the angling history, the sporting camps of the era and provides the reader with a practical review of present day fishing opportunities complete with fish species and tackle requirements. Other Maine outdoor figures so honored by inclusion in this book are Ray “Bucky” Owen, Carrie Stevens, Denny McNeish, Dan Legere, Dale Wheaton, Matt Libby and Linda Yencha.

By their nature, some books place more burdens on the author than others. A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine, after a second reading, left me convinced that Tracewski has fished most of the places he writes about. And the comprehensive nature of the book suggests that he is a disciplined man, perfectly willing to divide his non-teaching discretionary time between fishing and fact finding.

This is a book that any Maine angler will enjoy owning and spending time with. In his introduction, Tracewski writes, “The essence of fishing, to me, is not about catching fish. It’s about people and places.” What a refreshing view! It shines through in this book.

A Fisherman’s Guide to Maine is an informative and highly entertaining book that was masterfully organized and meticulously researched. It promises to take its place among the most beloved books about the Maine outdoors.