Under-Rated Favorites


The removal of dams on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers in recent years has triggered a resurgence of shad fishing in Maine.  Sometimes referred to as ‘poor man’s salmon’, shad are beautiful, hard-fighting fish that can be caught just as effectively with spin gear as a fly. 

Shad are migratory fish whose numbers usually peak in mid-June.  So even though June is a very busy month, I always make time to fish for shad a few times every season.  All of my shad trips cost $375 and are done in the drift boat and focus on pools that also often have striped bass mixed in.  The weather is usually great, and there are no bugs.  So if you haven’t fished for shad yet, give it a try!


Pickerel on Purpose

Sometimes it’s just nice to catch something that’s big, dumb and easy — and pickerel certainly fit that bill.  They are aggressive predators that love to lie in the weeds and wait for something juicy to blunder by.  Obliging them with a popping bug on a hot summer afternoon is really fun, and having FUN should be what fishing is all about.

Pickerel trips start at $400 and are great for families with kids who like action.  And if the kids get tired of catching pickerel, we can always find a sandy beach where they can take a break and swim.