Lake Trout and Salmon

ice fishingSalmon season opens on January 1, and some of the fastest action and largest fish, are caught during the first month of the year.  We ride snowmobiles into places that can’t be reached on foot, and use local bait that the salmon naturally feed on.  January can be cold, and we won’t go if the weather is bad.  So it helps to have some flexibility in your trip dates.

February is Maine’s premier month for ice fishing.  By now, all the big lakes are buttoned up with a safe layer of solid ice, and the fish have fallen into an established winter feeding pattern.  I spend lots of time on Moosehead Lake in February, where we ride snowmobiles to different hotspots to fish for togue (lake trout) and salmon.  I also fish a few other classic lakes that produce some beautiful salmon, lake trout and brook trout throughout the month of February. 

Warmer weather and longer days makes March my personal favorite month to ice fish in Maine.  Families with younger children can enjoy a fun day of fishing and snow-play.   And salmon and togue fishermen can have long, productive outings under a warming late-winter sun.

January Salmon
ice fishing


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