Featured Ice Fishing Trips

Lake Trout Maine Lake Trout

Lake trout (togue) are native to most of the lakes that I ice fish, and generally run larger than brook trout or salmon.  They require cold, well-oxygenated water to survive, and are confined to deep, hard-to-reach places throughout the warm-weather months.  During the winter, however, they inhabit relatively shallow water and become much easier to catch.  In fact, we probably catch more lake trout than any other fish during the ice fishing season.

Trophy Salmon

Downeast SalmonMaine has more places to ice fish for landlocked salmon than anywhere else in the country.  Several of my favorite lakes have very healthy smelt populations and produce large salmon on a regular basis.  Most of the trophy salmon spots on these lakes require a snowmobile ride (which is provided) to reach and produce best results early in the season.  One-day and multi-day trip options are available.

Late Season Pike

Northern Pike are some of the largest fish in Maine, and are great fun to catch through the ice.  In late winter, they migrate to shallow coves and shoals to prepare for spawning.  This produces a much higher density of fish than normal and greatly increases your chances of catching a pike that’s measured in pounds rather than inches.  Pike fishing can be done on a relatively easy day trip.

Family Fun

Maine Landlocked SalmonIce fishing is a great activity for families with children.  Lots of fun extras (like Frisbee, kite-flying, football, and playing golf with hockey sticks and pucks) can be done to supplement the fishing.  And we always make a big fire where kids can sit around and roast hot dogs.  When my kids were young,  ice fishing was undoubtedly one of their favorite outdoor activities.