Featured Trips

Some of my more popular brook trout and landlocked salmon trips are outlined below.  I also fish lots of smallmouth bass and design many custom trips, so don’t feel limited by what you see here.  Most trips come with a variety of lodging options that can range from a lakeside lodge that provides all three meals, to a do-it-yourself cabin, or a roadside motel near the fishing site.

Down East Sampler

Maine Trout StreamMultitasking is a popular concept that permeates many aspects of life these days.  So I’m not surprised to get many inquiries from people interested in combination trips.  The Down East sampler allows people to fish prime brook trout and salmon waters on the same trip.  Most of our Down East trips take place in May and early June.  Fishing is usually done by wading or by floating small streams in a canoe.  The Down East region is vast, and highly under-rated, and one of my favorites.

North Woods Sampler

Maine Native BrookieThis is another popular package among multitaskers, because it allows brook trout fishermen to split their time between streams and ponds.  It also provides ample opportunities for both fly and spin fishermen.  All of my pond fishing is done from stable rowboats that are already on site (chained at the pond).  Access to ponds range from an easy 10-minute walk to a 3-mile hike.  Most streams are waded.  Some deadwaters and flowages are fished from canoes.  An early morning or evening moose tour is a popular extra that can be added on to some of these trips.

Hendrickson Hatch

Hendrickson DunHendricksons are mayflies that hatch in May and early June.  They are the first significant hatch of the season that reliably brings large fish to the surface.  Some of my best salmon fishing of the year occurs during this pleasant mid-day hatch.  Most of my Hendrickson fishing takes place by wading in small streams.

Green Drake Hatch

Evening HatchGreen Drakes are over-sized, burrowing mayflies that hatch on trout ponds during early-summer evenings.  This is Maine’s most popular hatch because it consistently brings large brook trout to the surface.  When conditions are right, you’ll see the fish of your dreams aggressively gorging themselves on mayflies struggling to escape the water surface. This hatch can be unpredictable though, so booking a two-day trip doubles your chances of hitting it just right.

Baxter Park Sampler

West Branch Penobscot RiverBaxter Park is home to Maine’s highest mountain (Mt. Katahdin) and countless streams and ponds that contain healthy populations of native brook trout.  Two of Maine’s premier fly fishing rivers, the East and West Branches of the Penobscot, are also located just outside its borders.  This very scenic region has a wide variety of activities (such as whitewater rafting, hiking and moose watching) that will appeal to the non-angler in your group.

Smelt Run / Sucker Spawn

Maine Spring Landlocked SalmonThe first burst of heavy feeding activity on many Maine waters is triggered by smelt and sucker spawning runs.  The heart of each run lasts about one week, and can occur from early-April through mid-May.  Most sucker spawn fishing is done by wading in medium-sized rivers and using nymphing techniques.  I fish smelt runs on some larger rivers, which can either be fished from a boat or waded.  Fishing these runs can produce some very memorable fishing if you hit them right.

Spring Creeks and Beaver Flowages

Maine Spring Creek FishingMany Mainers quit trout fishing after the Fourth of July because they think the water is too low and warm.  And in lots of places, it is.  But if you know of a spring creek or beaver flowage that stays cold all summer, you are certain to find trout, and usually lots of them.  Much of my mid-summer trout fishing is done with a 2-weight rod and dry flies.  About half of the time we wet-wade, and half the time we fish from a rowboat or canoe.

Pickerel on Purpose

Penobscot River Smallmouth BassSometimes it’s just nice to catch something that’s big, dumb and easy — and pickerel certainly fit that bill.  They are aggressive predators that love to lie in the weeds and wait for something juicy to blunder by.  Obliging them with a popping bug on a hot summer afternoon is really fun, and having FUN should be what fishing is all about.  All of these trips are in a boat and are great for families vacationing on the coast.