Blue Ribbon School

My Blue Ribbon Trout School is a comprehensive two-day fly fishing program that integrates personalized teaching with plenty of hands-on time spent practicing casting and fly fishing on scenic waters filled with native trout. This school is run out of top lodges during their prime fishing season. Maine Fly Fishing School This is my most exclusive option for fly fishing instruction, with class size limited to three students, to insure that everyone gets plenty of personal attention.   The following topics are included in the curriculum:

The Theory of Fly Fishing

Equipment Selection and Tackle Assembly

Knots and Line Connections

Fundamentals of Fly Casting

Fish Foods and Artificial Fly Imitations

Entomology as it Relates to Fly Selection

Reading Water and Fly Presentation

How to Hook, Land and Release a Trout

Wading and Safety


Fish On - West Branch Penobscot

Attending my Blue Ribbon Trout School is the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn the great sport of fly fishing.  My program is structured so that students can learn the skills of fly fishing at their own pace, in an efficient, yet fun and relaxing way. I never lose sight of the fact that fishing is a form of recreation, not a matter of life and death. Therefore, the over-riding goal is always for everyone to have FUN!!

Streamside Instruction

Students are encouraged to use their own equipment during the casting and fishing sessions.  But you should not purchase new equipment just to attend this school.  If you indicate on the registration form that you want to borrow equipment, I will gladly provide a fly rod and reel for your use.  Everyone will need to purchase a Maine fishing license for our on-stream fishing sessions.  I can provide a link where you can do this online.   Students should also bring waders, hip-boots or some type of quick-dry nylon pants and footwear that can get wet in the stream.

Since the class size is so small, Blue Ribbon Trout School dates are usually just arranged between the participants and myself.  So if you are interested and want more information, please just contact me and we can work out an itinerary that will fit your schedule.  Mid-June through mid-July is typically the window when most schools are held.  Tuition for the two-day school is $550 per student and does not include lodging or meals.  Additional days of guided fishing can be added after completion of the school.

For more information, please complete the online information request form by clicking the button below.  Or just call, or send me an email, for more details.

Fly Fishing Instruction Form



“I walked in knowing next-to-nothing about fly fishing and left being able to catch trout on my own.  Thank you.  Thank you .”

 Julie B, Georgia